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Sutrina EO Formulated Magic Primer (20ml)

RM 60.00

✔ Create a barrier on your skin for perfect canvas skin
✔ No silicone formula that does not clog pores

Skin type:

✔ oily
✔ dry
✔ matured

How to use: 
Prep your skin with our lightweight hydrating gel "magic primer". It acts as a shield to your skin. Indulge in 20 premium ingredients from nature..

What it is key ingredients:
- Moroccan Argan Oil
- Avocado Oil, 
- Almond Oil 
- Rosehip Oil, 
- Jojoba Oil
- Organic Olive Ewax
- African Shea Butter
- Witch Hazel 
- Hylarunic Acid (HA) 
- Veg Glycerin
- Aloe extract
- Geranium Oil
- Myrrh oil
- Lavender oil
- Frankinsence